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    Columbia-Richland County South Carolina Cultural History and Heritage

    Welcome to the Cultural Heritage Resource Inventory and Directory
    Richland County South Carolina

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    • Columbia SC & Downtown Columbia (City Limits)
    • Lower Richland County SC (Hopkins, Horrell Hill, Gadsden, Eastover, Garners Ferry, Congaree, Wateree)
    • Northeast Richland County SC (Blythewood, Cedar Creek, Elgin)
    • Northwest Richland County SC ( Ballentine, Spring Hill, Irmo, Harbison, Peak, Chapin, White Rock)
    Historic Overview of Columbia and Richland County SC

    Historic Columbia - Richland County SC Buildings & Sites Columbia - Richland County SC | Columbia & Richland County SC Historic Districts

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    Historic Churches in Columbia -Richland County SC | Historic Cemeteries - Graveyards

    Historic Schools in Columbia & Richland County SC | Historic Colleges & Universities in Columbia & Richland County SC

    Historic Sites Related to African - American Heritage in Richland County SC

    Historic Building - Historic Site - Historic Attraction Search

    About the Historic Richland County South Carolina Project and the Richland County Conservation Commission

    Contact the Richland County Conservation Commission



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